Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines

For homebased start ups

1. Do you need an online page where you can direct your clients to see your products, menu, and services?

We can create a page for you here in TEMA website!

Fee: P2,000 / month


  • Cost efficient - you don't need to look for a developer, pay for website, maintenance, etc. 
  • Convenience - we can have the consultation in the shop. We'll discuss the poster and details that you want to include in your page. We'll send the link to you. You can add this in your IG profile. Your clients can just click the link.
  • Accessibility - other visitors of the website will see your page

2. Do you want to have your OWN website?


  • Strengthen your Brand
  • Automated ordering system
  • Analytics
  • Database

Consultation and developer fee: P15,000

DM us in IG if you're interested @tema.mnl


  • Existing clients of TEMA 
  • Based in Laguna 
  • >100 followers in IG
  • Values are aligned with ours - integrity, determination to succeed, family oriented

Best wishes! 

"A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step."